About Pinnacle

Why are we the company you need to support you and your team? That is a good question. Our answer? We’ve been doing this long enough to know that there’s a right way and wrong way to do it.

Litigation support is often a fire drill – we take great pride in helping our customers accomplish their goals and make their jobs easier – big or small. When we accept a project, we will deliver it correctly and on time. That is the cornerstone of our business: helping our clients be successful. We’ve accomplished that for years by sticking to our mission and core values. 

Our Mission

Help our customers lead their clients to better outcomes by providing the right technology and expertise in the discovery process. 

Our Values

Customers First

We’ve been clients and supported clients in various industry roles for over 20+ years. The best litmus test for us is this: would we accept the level of support we provide our clients if we were still walking in their shoes and dealing with their challenges? If we can’t say yes, we aren’t doing it right and need to push harder: deliver the project you would expect to receive.

Customer Service and Quality Still Matter

Pinnacle Legal Solutions has developed a reputation for honesty and integrity. Our focus is on delivering excellence on every project – every time. We understand the importance of doing things right the first time. We take extreme pride in helping our customers be successful on every project. At Pinnacle Legal Solutions, we focus on quality, communication, responsiveness, and customer service at the highest in our industry.

Reliability Matters

Many companies make promises and do not deliver. If we say we can do something – we do it. Our clients know they do not have to double-check our work or question our delivery times. They know that they are in good hands if they reach out to Pinnacle. That is why they keep coming back: Pinnacle Delivers.


Firms We've Worked With

We’ve worked with some of the largest firms in Atlanta. Find out how we can help you. 

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